- Lobby Boats
LOBBY 33 - Classic boat, lobster boat lines elegant and exclusive, designed for demanding owners who love the sea with personality and style. Made with high quality materials.
The seaworthiness in all conditions, safety, comfort, luxury, handling and performance are the guidelines of the entire process of research and design.....

LOBBY 33 - 诺比33 - 经典个性的龙虾船,它是讲究和独一无二的,专为挑剔的航海专业人士设计,迎合主人的个性和风格,采用高质量标准材料制作。

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The love for the sea and nature, the desire for freedom and independence, the need to distinguish and follow their lifestyle, surely are the reasons that push us to buy a boat.
There are boats that make us dream, others not,
boats that we can afford and not others,
the perfect choice is the boat that we can afford and that makes us dream.
Lobby Style.


 - Lobby Boats
LOBBY FISH - Revisited in perfect Lobby Style, the classic line of the gozzo Sorrento, is proposed by the shipyard Lobby Boats, as an absolute novelty in the vintage line.
Model of great charm, with high technology, is designed for those who love the sea with style and nostalgia of the past.....

LOBBY FISH - 回顾完美的诺比船型,传统的索伦托嗉囊渔船,是诺比造船厂的创意产品,绝对新奇的复古风。

 - Lobby Boats
LOBBY CAT - Available in many versions, and highly customizable, it is designed in scrupulous ways, to get an original design, a reliable product and safe, durable and low maintenance.
Ideal for spending relaxing, safe and funny days at sea, the Lobby CAT provides the right comfort that a common boat of only 5 meters not can give you.....

LOBBY CAT - 有许多款式,高度可按要求订做,它设计周密,为本公司原创,产品安全可靠、耐用、低维护。

Next Realization - 即将生产完成


Next Realization - 即将生产完成 - Lobby Boats